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This game was made for Nes Box Art Jam in November 2015. The jam was hosted by bartekci & cdutson: http://itch.io/jam/nes-box-art-jam

.: Introduction :.

Time Lord is a platformer puzzle type game. The aim of the game is to free the prisoners from their cages and allow them to escape through the time vortex. On each level you will find a princess, you must find the key and free the princess. Once the princess has returned to the time vortex the level will end, so make sure you have freed as many prisoners as possible and collected all the coins.

Between their cages and freedom are indestructible enemies. You must use a combination of the pushable crates and timing to clear a path for the escaping prisoners.

Every time you die your score will be reset to zero and each death will be recorded. Try and get a high score and low death count and challenge friends on twitter to beat you.

.: Controls :.

XBOX Controller Support
Left Analog Stick - Movement
A - Jump
X - Open Cages/Chests
Left Trigger - Roll Left
Right Trigger - Roll Right
Select Button- Suicide/Share Score

Arrow Keys - Movement
Z - Jump
X - Attack
A - Roll Left
D - Roll Right
Q - Suicide/Share Score

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TimeLord.exe 12 MB


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I used the same art pack in Gamemaker Studio. Small world. http://infinitysquaredgames.itch.io/harold-the-friendly-slime

It is a good art pack I was pleased with what I got for the money! I have just played your game, I got to "Level 9: Mind Your Head". It is really hard, I love it! :)

Great game :D I had a fun time playing it!